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What is this proposed class action about?

This is a proposed class action for unpaid overtime against Flight Centre Travel Group (Canada) Inc. The Statement of Claim alleges, among other things, that Flight Centre violated applicable employment standards legislation and its contracts of employment with class members by failing to pay for overtime work.

I am a current or former travel consultant for Flight Centre. Does this concern me?

The proposed class action has been brought on behalf of all current and former travel consultants who worked for Flight Centre in Canada since December 2008.

What is the purpose of registering on the website?

If you register, you will get updates on this proposed class action as it proceeds. As well, if you grant us permission, we may get in touch with you to find out more about your personal experience.

Will Flight Centre be told that I’ve registered?

No. We will not provide Flight Centre with the names of individuals who register. We may disclose the names of the provinces or store locations where there have been registrants. But your name will not be shared with Flight Centre.

Do I need to register in order to be eligible for compensation if this proposed class action is successful?

No. Registration is not a pre-requisite for compensation. The purpose of registration is so that we can provide you with updates on this litigation, and for us to gather anonymized information about the class.

I left Flight Centre before December 2008. Can I still register for this proposed class action?

You can register if you wish to be provided with updates on the progress of this litigation. Unfortunately, however, because the proposed class period begins in December 2008, former employees who left before that date will not receive compensation in the event this class action is successful. The cut-off date was chosen as a starting point based on a number of legal considerations.

What is a certification hearing?

A judge has to decide whether this case can continue as a class action. If the defendant does not agree that the case can be a class action, a judge will hold a public “certification hearing”. If the plaintiff wins the certification hearing, the case will continue as a class action and notice that the case has been certified will be delivered to class members. If the plaintiff loses the certification hearing and all appeals, the proposed class action will be over. The certification hearing does not decide whether the defendant’s actions were wrong, only whether the case can continue as a class action.

And here is some general information about class actions.