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Important information for class members about the settlement approval hearing

The Superior Court of Justice has approved the Notice of Certification, Settlement, Distribution Protocol and Fee Approval Hearing. This Notice of hearing will be sent to class members to ensure they know that a hearing will take place on November 9, 2020 to determine whether:

  • the class action will be certified
  • the settlement reached by the parties will be approved
  • the distribution protocol will be approved, and
  • the counsel fees will be approved

The court also approved the parties’ plan for sending the Notice to class members.

You can read the Notice of Certification and Settlement Approval, Distribution Approval, and Fee Approval Hearing here. It provides important information for all class members. La version française est disponible içi.

You can read the Distribution Protocol here.

Class members who wish to opt out of the class action should fill in and submit the Opt Out Form available here.

Read the court’s Order approving the Notice and the plan to disseminate the Notice here.

More information about the proposed settlement, claims procedure and opt-out process can be found at this website.

Update: You can attend the settlement approval hearing.