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Flight Centre Class Action Posts

Travel giant Flight Centre routinely failed to pay workers overtime, class action says

The Star reports on the proposed class action against Flight Centre today, and introduces the proposed representative plaintiff, Stephen Aps. The Star notes that the basis of the claim is that Flight Centre “regularly required” employees to work beyond their scheduled hours but instituted “unlawful” overtime policies that shortchanged them out of payment and overtime protections.

The Star spoke to Nadine Blum and Josh Mandryk:

Goldblatt lawyer Nadine Blum said the retail travel industry is a “high pressure” sector where employees are often expected to work as long as required to hit sales targets and support customers.

“The employers who reap the benefits of that work should be properly compensating employees for their time,” she said.

“We hope that this proposed class action serves as a powerful reminder that employees are not disentitled to overtime pay merely because they are paid on a salaried basis,” added co-counsel Josh Mandryk.

“There’s a misconception that employees who are on commission aren’t entitled to overtime and that’s not the case.”

Read the article here.

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Statement of claim served in proposed Flight Centre class action

Goldblatt Partners LLP is counsel in a proposed class action against Flight Centre Travel Group (Canada) Inc.

The class action is for unpaid overtime and has been filed on behalf of all travel consultants who worked for Flight Centre in Canada since October 2010.

The Statement of Claim alleges, among other things, that Flight Centre violated the applicable employment standards legislation and its contracts of employment with class members by failing to pay overtime to class members as required by employment standards legislation.

The Statement of Claim was served on February 21, 2019. If you worked as a travel consultant for Flight Centre at any time between October 2010 and now, and believe you may be a class member who was denied overtime pay, please register and keep your eye on this website for further information.

Click here to read the Statement of Claim.

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